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About Umberto D [Blog Challenge #2]

October 20th, 2011 · 2 Comments · FOR MEDST 144

I must say that Umberto D this movie totally shows a pessimistic vision of life. The relationship between the dog and Umberto, the pregnant girl and Umberto, the landlady and Umberto… are the main lines of this movies. The movie shows the Italian Neorealism through many aspects.

First of all, I’d like to talk about the mise-en-scene about the movie. As we talked about the beginning, an extremely long take, of the movie, when people are going to protest the government, the mise-en-scene is a long road. Then, people  rush to the government, with the fast-pace non-diegetic movie. However, when a bus comes to separate the crowd, the film score changes into violin, which i feel that this is a hint shows how helpless citizens are. Later, when police begin to use military power to disperse the crowd, the camera shows that people escape to byway. The long road showed before is not showed again, which is another scene shows that citizens will not win the war with government.

Secondly, I found that Me. Umberto wants to commit suicide for many times, when he looked down from the window, the movie use a close-up to show the street, and when he stand by the railway with his dogs when the train comes. He has no encouragement to do it. I think this is a reflection shows that people are recreance at that periods.

Many people regards the movie as a masterpiece for showing the Italian Neorealism. Indeed, the movie talks about the effect of the postwar unemployment. No one knows what the results of the old man and his dog. That’s another reason why the movie shows the Neorealism.

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  • YINI

    Sorry for to late to reply.. 😀
    All I think about this movie is just how powerless the old man are, which is the Neorealism pay attention to. Actually your blog, in a sense, stirs me an idea to write about the relationship between the dog and the old man. It’s really a sad movie and pretty ironic about the relationship between the authorities and people.

  • carolynlumley

    I like how we both wrote about Umberto D but our posts are sooo different! The Neorealism of it didn’t even come up in my mind as I was typing. I found this movie incredibly depressing as well, can that poor man ever get a break? I noticed he was contemplating suicide when he was looking out the window, too, what a depressing movie!

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